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The Ceramic Pro Silver Package at Renew Auto Detailing Solutions in Reading, PA comes with a CarFax verified 5 year lifetime warranty. It is a great choice for protecting your vehicle's paint for as long as you own the vehicle and beyond. Is there anything better than keeping your brand new car looking new all of the time? Our Ceramic Pro Silver Package uses Ceramic Pro 9H, which is one of the strongest paint coatings on the market. Ceramic Pro 9H is Ceramic Pro's flagship coating, and has positioned the company as the global leader in nanoceramic technology.

The Silver Package includes 1 layer of Ceramic Pro 9h applied to the paint of your vehicle, which will provide your vehicle with scratch resistance and extreme hydrophobics, provide for easier maintenance and protection from harmful UV rays, and give the vehicle a high gloss finish. A single layer of 9H is applied to other exposed areas of the vehicle such as the trim. One layer of Ceramic Pro 9H is applied to the faces of the wheels which will provide for added gloss and easier cleaning. In addition, one layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat is applied to further enhance the glossy finish. For the final layer of protection, one layer of Ceramic Pro Rain is applied to windshield and front side windows.

The Ceramic Pro Silver Package at Renew Auto Detailing Solutions in Fleetwood is an exceptional choice for your vehicle!

Included  in the Ceramic Pro Silver Package

  • One Layer of Ceramic Pro 9H on Paint

  • One Layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat

  • One Layer of Ceramic Pro 9H on Wheels and Plastic Trim

  • One Layer of Ceramic Pro Glass on windshield and front side windows

  • CarFax Verified 5 Year Warranty

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